A New Me

Because I can’t ever have enough me on the web, I’ve put up a new site that will, eventually, replace this one. It’s more of the same but in a new and improved (with fresh lemon scent) package.

Find it here.

Can't love this site enough

Check out Master of My Public Domain for a some great, classic radio and tv.


Coming of age during this technology shift was a complete and total non-event. Only now is the predicted impact being felt by corporations and consumers alike.


TruFocals Go Blurry

Well, I tried. After many months of enjoying, or trying to, my nifty little and very expensive TruFocals glasses I finally had to throw in the towel. The concept is sound but, for me, the execution lacks. Tragic incident number 1 was when my then 2 year-old-daughter pulled a book off the bathroom counter and knocked the glasses to a tile floor. One of the two magnetically attached lenses took the brunt of the impact and cracked. In addition, one of the fluid chambers burst and the transparent liquid that refracts incoming light for focusing leaked out. The second incident was my fault. The stems were slightly off so I attempted to adjust them by bending the frame. That threw the focusing off on the just-repaired lens. So, back to the shop. The final straw happened last week. I slid the focusing adjustment for reading and sproink the left lens went blurry. Busted.

So, I’m done experimenting. It’s back to my visually cumbersome progressive glasses for now. Maybe... LASIK?

Human Target

My current gig. Co-exec, consulting, general dogsbody. Promises to be an exciting season. It’s been super darn exciting making it. Super darn. Oh, and the promo is wrong. Season 2 premieres Wednesday, Nov. 17th, 2010. Seems Lonestar’s demise prompted some schedule shifting.


Like someplace in Indiana.

Devour it


Nice Cube

I’ve still got mine. Macworld speaks highly. And further.


Looking back today, it seems that the Cube was simply ahead of its time. It was an ingenious and striking design that missed the mark by about five years—and $1,000. But don’t tell that to the loyal Cube owners out there, from whom you couldn’t pry their Cubes from their cold, dead hands. The G4 Cube’s enduring appeal from Mac fans is a testament to its unique and visionary design that has yet to be duplicated—even in the Mac mini—to this day.


WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

Here's (the exact) Johnny (you're looking for)!

Neat. From the Los Angeles Times:

Carson Entertainment Group, which owns the archive of the late-night host's 30 years on "The Tonight Show," is set to announce Wednesday that it has digitized all 3,300 hours of existing footage from the program and created a searchable online database for producers and researchers.

Here’s Johnny