Influences: Stingray

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The increasing frequency with which entertainers I grew up watching are checking into the Big Sleep has sent me into reflection mode. I’m spending a lot of time revisiting the things that made me choose this job I’ve spent almost forty years doing. In no particular order I’m going to discuss ‘em. The first up is STINGRAY. Gerry Anderson had quite a run doling out marionette action-adventure. As a kid, the idea of toys, dolls, having a life of their own and tearing up a world of science fiction was a total knockout.

There was a synergy of underwater thriller-dramas going on with
VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, the early 1970s re-release of Walt Disney’s 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, and must-see ICE STATION ZEBRA. From STINGRAY to ZEBRA there’s a scale of, or depth of narrative that, because of the vehicles involved (submarines!), I could be engaged, involved and my imagination was drawn in, drawn out and drawn into a narrative world of increasing complexity. Subs led me to Jules Verne, his 20k novel and Mysterious Island.

Mysterious Island. For a kid growing up in the midwest that island with its link to Captain Nemo and a group of disparate men struggling to survive kept me going, kept me thinking, kept me dreaming of stories I could live. Stories I could tell.