Apple TV update looming?

Update: ars technica has a nice piece on the subject.

I’ve been using Apple TVs since their introduction. Well, trying to use them, to be precise. At the moment I have three in use wirelessly linked to different Macs. Without warning the links lose themselves and that’s when the voodoo begins. I’ll spend hours resetting, restarting, resynching to get things working again without success. Then, for some sunspotted reason, things will align themselves and behave. In spite of the trouble, I’ve successfully ditched my satellite TV provider. We’re no longer paying for TV unless it’s something we specifically want via the iTunes Store.

Now, it is rumored, that a major update is on the way. An update that might do away with local storage altogether and put all my video, audio and photos on the web. Or something. Whatever it is, it couldn’t be worse than than the current setup. Maybe. Hoping for the best.