Turing Machine

I’m writing this on a MacBook. I’ll send it to the web in just a few minutes. An everyday miracle of science. Sometimes it takes a primitive expression of an arcane art to reveal the true beauty of the human mind and all its imaginings. You can quote me.

Watching this Turing Machine in action, even its sounds (clicks and whirrs), affects me in a way I can’t describe. But somewhere within me my geek string has been plucked. Gears. A felt tip pen. And film stock. All in a well-timed ballet of promise. A promise of technology and what we could do, and now do, with numbers.

Ben Folds Chatroulette

I’ve yet to do this thing the kids speak of, this Chatroulette (color me terrified) but Ben Folds, following the lead of “Merton” makes it feel all right.


Speaking of flying cars...

Jalopnik links to Popular Science’s best flying car covers. Ah, if only.


Not a flying car, but it's close

To really get this, watch it with the sound off. Just look at this thing. I mean look at it. Holy cripes.

The death of print journalism

I love these guys.

The new thing

Steampunk Wallpaper by Bob Kleeman
It’s official. I’ve begun. After a year of false starts and fun, excursionary tangents into scripts and stories that, while interesting, were not engaging me, I finally landed on something I like. My agent has been hammering me for new material. New material is essential in this business to entice the powers-that-be; PTB that keep changing jobs and positions, falling in and out of networks and studios. So, going public here, I’ve got 8 weeks to get this new piece finished and shipped. Onward. Keep you posted.

Bob and Saul explain it all for you

Warehouse 13 writer Bob Goodman has written a fantastic essay on the discovery process he discovered working on a hit TV show. It’s about writing and working and fun and imagination and why this job is great. So of course the Writers’ Guild magazine Written By rejected it for publication. io9’s gain. See you at the office, Bob.

And, to get even more Warehousey, check out Saul Rubinek’s (
our Artie) video interview.