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Apple TV update looming?

Update: ars technica has a nice piece on the subject.

I’ve been using Apple TVs since their introduction. Well, trying to use them, to be precise. At the moment I have three in use wirelessly linked to different Macs. Without warning the links lose themselves and that’s when the voodoo begins. I’ll spend hours resetting, restarting, resynching to get things working again without success. Then, for some sunspotted reason, things will align themselves and behave. In spite of the trouble, I’ve successfully ditched my satellite TV provider. We’re no longer paying for TV unless it’s something we specifically want via the iTunes Store.

Now, it is rumored, that a major update is on the way. An update that might do away with local storage altogether and put all my video, audio and photos on the web. Or something. Whatever it is, it couldn’t be worse than than the current setup. Maybe. Hoping for the best.

The Black Keys

Go watch this. A spectacular music vid shot on the Canon 7D.


[Via Coudal Partners]

Iron Baby

My kids could watch this all day.

Smart business?

If I owned NBC stock I’d be pissed.

Apple surpasses Microsoft.

For the first time in the long history of the dueling computer companies, Apple Inc.'s market capitalization passed that of rival Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday, making Apple the most valuable technology company in the world.

NBC won’t embrace the iPad.

A number of major studios that include NBC and Time Warner are deliberately rejecting HTML5 video in favor of Flash, rumors maintained today. TV networks have allegedly told Apple they have no plans to switch as the cost and results wouldn't be worthwhile. None of the involved companies has confirmed or denied the remarks.

NBC. Still stupid.

My next dog

Velcro this


iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

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The world out my back door

This is cool. In 1927 Paramount Studios mapped out local environs meant to double for distant locations. Who knew Venice, Italy was so close?

Coudal Partners]

Art & Copy

“I think creativity can solve anything. Anything!”
– George Lois

Just watched the documentary
Art & Copy about advertising. Streamed it via Netflix on my iPad (hello, future). Pretty brilliant. Hopeful, even. Trailer below.

The Art of Manliness

With the right combination of humor and gentle nudging, The Art of Manliness aims to instruct and inform guys (and gals) in all the things Gallant (not Goofus) should be aware of regarding clothes, food, grooming and etiquette. There’s a whole lost world out there of things my grandfather and dad knew without knowing. Me, I know one tie knot and, honestly, I’d be hard pressed to tie it now. There’s an embrace to this site that comforts. I’m already into the “rebuilding your wardrobe” thing. I’m a bit too old to continue dressing like I’m a budgeted college punk.

Father's Day

It had been 5 years since Damian Aspinall saw the gorilla he’d raised from infancy.

Swagger Wagon

As the soon-to-possibly-be-owner of a minivan, my cockles are warmed by this.

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Toys for them, toys for you

Listening to Dan Benjamin’s excellent podcast today, The Conversation. If you’re even slightly geeky, it’s worth checking out. Dan and his guests were talking about ads on websites (I know, dry, right? But you’d be mistaken. Pretty raucous, actually) and these two sites got mentioned:

Playgrounder - The Buyer’s Guide for Kids and Parents and Cool Tools.

I wasn’t on Cool Tools thirty seconds before I bought a
popcorn popper. Go poke around.

Going electric

I’m on deck to get a Nissan Leaf.

Here’s why.

Here’s how.

My Predication List

Semi-Literate Former Gold Prospector Given Own Cable News Show

Working where they don't know "why?"

This nails it.

Fortune studies a TED talk by Simon Sinek that works on so many levels it’s incredible. How many jobs have you had where the folks in charge have no clue as to why they’re there. I know why I’m there. And knowing it is usually what gets me canned.

So many connections

Infinite xo.

CBS loves it some iPad

Mashable’s article about CBS digging the iPad makes for good reading.

Another aspect of the iPad that stands out for CBS is that the user base is already at one million. That’s important for a content company as large as CBS because while there are other interactive TV initiatives — like Roku, Boxee and others — those products haven’t achieved the reach that the iPad has.

I’ve been iPadding for a little over a week (using Macs since 1987) and can assuredly say that this little appliance has become a solid member of my family. The biggest hits so far -- Alice and Wonderland (here) and Marvel’s comic book reader app.

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