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Now that NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy has succumbed to it’s eventual fate so early in its run I’m compelled to revisit one of the best iterations of the Jekyll and Hyde franchise to date. And it wasn’t MOWE.

JEKYLL is a BBC production starring James Nesbitt and written by Steven Moffat. Smart, witty and scary, JEKYLL follows the present-day complications encountered by a family man who’s discovered a personal and terrifying genetic anomaly. In an ultimately futile attempt to keep his wife and twin boys safe from his murderous alter-ego, Tom Jackman (Nesbitt) has moved out of his house and taken up residence in a fortress-like apartment complete with a massive, leather-strapped chair. Thankfully for us, the straps are useless. Not so much for anyone else who crosses paths with Jackman’s bad self.

There’s sex and violence, corporate intrigue and love and hope. And Nesbitt. He’s fantastic.