Yes, I invented the latest iPhone

See this? It’s a fictional video telephone I created for Syfy’s WAREHOUSE 13. When I tackled the rewrite that resulted in the show’s pilot and subsequent series I knew that the characters, flung far to the four corners on their pilot mission, would need to stay in visual contact with each other (in series, too). The ubiquitous cell phone was too boring a device. So, since the show dealt with unknown and mysterious tech (occasionally), I chose to gift the characters with a Philo T. Farnsworth (he invented TV) creation called a “Vaudio Device.” Or, “Farnsworth” for short. The show’s art department came up with a fantastic design (including technical blueprints that look so real it’s freaky) and the prop department built it.

check out this fan-built prop replica)

Each week Pete, Myka, Artie and Claudia video-gab back and forth about the latest mystery. Oh, okay, so maybe I was inspired a little bit by iChat.

But I’m still gonna say Steve Jobs ripped off my Farnsworth idea. Of course, I’m kidding. But I feel obliged to take a little credit here.

Click on the (Apple site image) to see their Farnsworth in action.

You’re welcome, Steve. ;-)