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GHOST HUNTERS jumped the shark and crapped themselves in the process. A few posts ago I named this show as one of my guilty pleasures. The guys and gals appeared to be good-natured working stiffs eager to stumble around in the dark and golly-gosh at potential paranormal phenomena with an eye toward skepticism and an appreciation for the thrill of the (ghost) hunt.

Until this Halloween. The guys had a live show that night. And it was a staged, manufactured mess of bush league amateur hour horseshit. Okay, I know there’s no such thing as ghosts. I get it. And, yes, GHOST HUNTERS is on the Sci Fi(ction) Channel so truth is subject to interpretation (or avoidance). But, what the frig? Couldn’t they have done a better job of faking the goods? A Kiwanis Club magician has better skills.

Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes are, of course, entertainers. And while those Roto-Rooter staged preambles in earlier episodes were a cute but obvious attempt at promoting the Regular Joe of it all they were still appealing in their clunky-cheesy fakery. But when the vans rolled and the folks wanting answers were met I (stupidly, I know, I know) assumed things were more on the up and up than not. I’m an idiot.

Because of a fan backlash (hit YouTube and search for “Ghost Hunters fake fraud”) the bloom is off. Apparently the pressure of continuing to grow their ratings has led to things like the situation you’ll find documented in the video below:

How about that cheesy Marcel Marceau mime move Grant pulls. Isn’t that just the coolest little slip in shit you’ve ever seen? It makes every prior incident of unexplained spookiness just a run of the mill jerk off. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted.