Always nice to be nicely reviewed


Deric Hughes, writer-pal on Warehouse 13, alerted me to this a few weeks ago. Robert Berg (Rob Will Review...) was gracious and (be still my heart) observant in his review of the final episode I wrote for Syfy’s Warehouse 13.

Robert says:

Last season, I might never have imagined an episode of Warehouse 13 that involved, as Allison Scagliotti tweeted, “cowboys, gladiators, squawking Farnsworths, and a Snuggie.”  And she didn’t even mention the World War II marines, the gangster, the mad scientist, or the killer, magnetic robot.  ”Beyond Our Control” presents practically every geektastic, B-movie reference one could think of, satirizing everything from their cheeseball, overwrought dialogue to their silly effects, while also managing to add to the series’ Farnsworth mythology–steampunk 3D projector that brings film to life, for the win–not to mention throwing in some excellent meta jokes and references for good measure, my favorite being the act break in which Pete indicates that if someone fast forwards through commercials, it could spell their doom.

“Beyond Our Control” was written as an homage to my television beginnings. Playing with the form and embracing television tropes is always fun and, for a writer working in television, it keeps things fresh. Anyway, thanks Robert.