Nice Cube

I’ve still got mine. Macworld speaks highly. And further.


Looking back today, it seems that the Cube was simply ahead of its time. It was an ingenious and striking design that missed the mark by about five years—and $1,000. But don’t tell that to the loyal Cube owners out there, from whom you couldn’t pry their Cubes from their cold, dead hands. The G4 Cube’s enduring appeal from Mac fans is a testament to its unique and visionary design that has yet to be duplicated—even in the Mac mini—to this day.

Hold it this way

From College Humor, Apple’s iPhone 4 press conference.

Finally, the truth about the iPhone 4

You know those Taiwanese News animations that are... are... I’m stumped. Just watch.

Yes, I invented the latest iPhone

See this? It’s a fictional video telephone I created for Syfy’s WAREHOUSE 13. When I tackled the rewrite that resulted in the show’s pilot and subsequent series I knew that the characters, flung far to the four corners on their pilot mission, would need to stay in visual contact with each other (in series, too). The ubiquitous cell phone was too boring a device. So, since the show dealt with unknown and mysterious tech (occasionally), I chose to gift the characters with a Philo T. Farnsworth (he invented TV) creation called a “Vaudio Device.” Or, “Farnsworth” for short. The show’s art department came up with a fantastic design (including technical blueprints that look so real it’s freaky) and the prop department built it.

check out this fan-built prop replica)

Each week Pete, Myka, Artie and Claudia video-gab back and forth about the latest mystery. Oh, okay, so maybe I was inspired a little bit by iChat.

But I’m still gonna say Steve Jobs ripped off my Farnsworth idea. Of course, I’m kidding. But I feel obliged to take a little credit here.

Click on the (Apple site image) to see their Farnsworth in action.

You’re welcome, Steve. ;-)

Apple TV update looming?

Update: ars technica has a nice piece on the subject.

I’ve been using Apple TVs since their introduction. Well, trying to use them, to be precise. At the moment I have three in use wirelessly linked to different Macs. Without warning the links lose themselves and that’s when the voodoo begins. I’ll spend hours resetting, restarting, resynching to get things working again without success. Then, for some sunspotted reason, things will align themselves and behave. In spite of the trouble, I’ve successfully ditched my satellite TV provider. We’re no longer paying for TV unless it’s something we specifically want via the iTunes Store.

Now, it is rumored, that a major update is on the way. An update that might do away with local storage altogether and put all my video, audio and photos on the web. Or something. Whatever it is, it couldn’t be worse than than the current setup. Maybe. Hoping for the best.

Smart business?

If I owned NBC stock I’d be pissed.

Apple surpasses Microsoft.

For the first time in the long history of the dueling computer companies, Apple Inc.'s market capitalization passed that of rival Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday, making Apple the most valuable technology company in the world.

NBC won’t embrace the iPad.

A number of major studios that include NBC and Time Warner are deliberately rejecting HTML5 video in favor of Flash, rumors maintained today. TV networks have allegedly told Apple they have no plans to switch as the cost and results wouldn't be worthwhile. None of the involved companies has confirmed or denied the remarks.

NBC. Still stupid.

Working where they don't know "why?"

This nails it.

Fortune studies a TED talk by Simon Sinek that works on so many levels it’s incredible. How many jobs have you had where the folks in charge have no clue as to why they’re there. I know why I’m there. And knowing it is usually what gets me canned.

CBS loves it some iPad

Mashable’s article about CBS digging the iPad makes for good reading.

Another aspect of the iPad that stands out for CBS is that the user base is already at one million. That’s important for a content company as large as CBS because while there are other interactive TV initiatives — like Roku, Boxee and others — those products haven’t achieved the reach that the iPad has.

I’ve been iPadding for a little over a week (using Macs since 1987) and can assuredly say that this little appliance has become a solid member of my family. The biggest hits so far -- Alice and Wonderland (here) and Marvel’s comic book reader app.

Jurassic iPad

Terrific reminiscence on the failure of the past meets (too early?) the success of the present.

“Today, of course, it’s an entirely different story: we’re all intimately familiar with the concept of the little computer in our pocket. We fell repeatedly for watered-down Palm handhelds which, in reality, we used rarely; we replaced them with iPhones, which we use too much.

Now the same critics who shit-canned the Newton for the wrong reasons are shit-canning the iPad for the wrong reasons.

The iPad, though, unlike the Newton, is going to win, and win on an epic scale.”

Write that movie

Watch this book


It’s official. Consider this an equivalent moment: ditching the telegraph for the telephone, the landline for the cell, internal combustion for electric. We’re losing the keyboard slowly. Slowly losing the mouse. Slowly but inexorably moving into the realm of gesture and voice. And thought. What happens when we communicate with our ideas and our ideas talk back? Joy.


Not a flying car, but it's close

To really get this, watch it with the sound off. Just look at this thing. I mean look at it. Holy cripes.

Discussing the iPad

Charlie Rose spoke with David Carr, Michael Arrington and Walt Mossberg about Apple’s new iPad.


iPad as terror weapon (aimed at tech gurus)

“What you’re seeing in the industry’s reaction to the iPad is nothing less than future shock.”

Via John Gruber.

For the last few days I’ve been conflicted about my non-reaction to the iPad intro. The link above resolves the conflict.

iPad via Mad TV

NPR snagged the Mad TV writers who introduced the world to the original iPad. Funny.

Steve Jobs in 1994: The Rolling Stone Interview

In 1994 Steve Jobs was the man banished from Apple and striving to make NeXT the next big thing. But something else lay in store. Rolling Stone’s Jeff Goodell walks us back 16 years to a simpler time. It’s a great interview.

Your pad or mine?

Old media is new again

From Daily Finance:

Steve Jobs plans to bring new hope to old media with his tablet device. It will work well as a web-searching tool, but in addition it will almost certainly offer access to a wide array of text books, newspapers, and TV shows. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs plans to "expand Apple's influence and revenue as a content middleman." The company is already a dominant force in digital music because of its iTunes business. The Journal reports Apple is in talks with major newspaper companies and textbook firms.

iCannot Wait!

Gizmodo has a great roundup of the Apple tablet rumors. Lots of fun stuff here. Yippee.

The Story of Macintosh

The Unofficial Apple Weblog links to some insanely great promotional footage regarding the original Macintosh. I’m misty-eyed. A big thank-you to Greg Pruss for introducing me to his Mac Plus in 1988.

Sports Illustrated's tablet mag demo

Sports Illustrated put together a demo of what their magazine might look like on a tablet. If you’re curious as to what Apple’s tablet might look and feel like, after watching this we can only hope.

The year we make contact

Tim VanDamme via John Gruber.

It looks like everyone and their next door neighbor is super excited about whatever Apple will supposable reveal on January 27th. We’re no longer asking ourselves “Will Apple launch a tablet,” or “When will the tablet be available?” No, we’re completely certain Apple will reveal a 10” touchscreen pumped up iPhone/scaled down Mac in the upcoming weeks.

Memory (Chip) Lane

I'm sick as a sick sick dog today. So of course I'm reflecting on better times. Ahh. Hardware.

He's a bastard.

But he's our bastard.

Fortune has the details.

What Recession?

Apple rocks it. CNEThas the details.
  • Apple recorded revenue of $9.87 billion and earnings of $1.67 billion, or $1.82 per share. That's up from the $7.9 billion in revenue and $1.26 per share of a year ago. And that easily fell within the range of what Wall Street was hoping for. Analysts had been expecting earnings per share somewhere between $1.24 and $1.72, and revenue between $8.74 billion and $10.55 billion.

Newspapers Lose the Paper

It's going to happen. And with this, subscription-based "print" media will finally be justified.

From Wired: Picture a free magazine app that offers one sample issue and the ability to purchase future issues afterward. Or a newspaper app that only displays text articles with pictures, but paying a fee within the app unlocks an entire new digital experience packed with music and video. This is an example of the “freemium” model that Wired magazine’s Chris Anderson explains in his book Free. It’s a model that some publishers, including Wired’s parent company Condé Nast, are already experimenting with on their websites. (Our sister publication Ars Technica, for example, offers its general content for free, as well as a “Premier” subscription option for readers to access exclusive content.)

500 Pound Apple Gorilla

From Forbes...

Fanboy Alert: I was born without a sports gene but do have a substantial "win one for the, Gipper" mentality. And I mean the real Gipp, not Reagan. Comes from being raised within spitting distance of Notre Dame, I guess. Anyway, for years I suffered along with everyone else who knew in their techno-hearts that Apple was the best thing going. And for years it was going down the drain. Nice to see it in juggernaut mode.

  • The Cupertino, Calif.-based gizmo and computer company's earnings are expected to jump 14% Monday when it reports results for the quarter ended September.

I know. What goes up, must come down. But the company had been down for so long and so derided that this new lease on life (for Jobs, too) is sweet.

  • So, what will it take to hurt Apple? Who knows. Maybe if things start going right, for a change. Bad news--and outright weird news--has only made these guys stronger. The takeaway: If aliens invade, go long on Apple.

Time Capsule: Dead

Screen shot 2009-10-15 at 2.59.42 PM
Count me in as one of the unlucky few. Damn thing never worked.

Apple Not Slowed By Recession

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The Cheers

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Get Well Soon

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A Must Have

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The Object of My Affliction

Apple dropped some new hardware today. In spite of the fact that I’ve got more Macs than I know what to do with... I want. Check it here.