Keeping Facebook private

Mahendra Palsule explains it all for you.

Hey, Zuckerberg. Get F'Booked!

This just in over at CNET. Apparently all you Facebookers are just grist for Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of an open society. Completely open. As in NOTHING IS PRIVATE. Read on if you dare to see just how wide open you truly are in his world. And, just so you know, in his world, he’s king. And you are a cash cow getting gored.

Read this. Then decide if you’re willing to ditch your privacy for Zuckerberg’s wallet.

Chris Matyszczyk writes:

And in it [see attached video], around the three-minute mark, he [Zuckerberg] says: "People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people. That social norm is just something that has evolved over time."

Perhaps you weren't aware that people's comfort with sharing had become a new social norm. Perhaps you were naive enough to think that people used laptops and social-networking sites to connect very specifically with certain other people in order to share certain things. You know, in a relatively private way. Like letters that fly at the speed of light. You were mistaken.

Suicide is (Facebook) Painless

I had to do it. Several months ago I walked away from Facebook and Twitter. The endless poking, quiz bullshit and anonymous followers was wearing me down. However, while Twitter erased me completely, Facebook promised me that my online identity was always be there should I ever choose to come back. Honestly, it tempts me. Freakin’ weird.

Then there’s this. My salvation.

web 2.0 suicide machine promotion from moddr_ on Vimeo.

Shut the Tweet Up

It was only a matter of time. Employee contracts are showing up with Twitter/Facebook clauses.