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My Guilty Ghostly Pleasure

My wife laughs at me for loving this. Ghost Hunters on the Sci Fi Channel. I have absolute, unabashed deep affection for two New England plumbers and their little band of cohorts who travel around the country searching for creepy stuff. Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes are the show’s two leads. They’re accessible, disarming and determined to debunk what they can. But mostly they’re a hoot. With SUVs loaded to the fenders with high-tech gear (and stalked by a run and gun video and sound crew) they roll into some town or city and crash for the night at the local spook spot. Bars, hotels, factories, or families’ homes are their playground. Sometimes they get nothing on tape. Sometimes they get... something. I’m not saying I believe in supernatural jump-up (at least not while my pragmatic psychotherapist wife is watching). But I do believe Grant and Jason have a blast chasing it down. Me too, watching them do it.

Check out the clip below to see some of their “findings.”