Your Tuesday Dance Clip

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Hear this

Guy uses his 20-year-old computer to clean up some music.

Dig the drummer

Crooks and Liars]

The Black Keys

Go watch this. A spectacular music vid shot on the Canon 7D.


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Bend it like the Andrews Sisters

The Ross Sisters. Ever heard of them? They bring an interesting definition to “twist and shout.” Be sure to watch past the harmonizing when things get... bendy.


Warner Music Group during its fiscal results call today acknowledged that its digital music sales have slowed since it helped push for variable pricing on iTunes last year. In the fall, the company's digital sales equivalent to whole albums grew about 5 percent compared to late 2008 where it grew 10 percent over this past summer and 11 percent in the spring. Absolute digital revenue followed a similar pattern as the income grew 8 percent year-over-year in late 2009, but less than half the 20 percent from the end of 2008.



When I was a kid I stumbled across Leonard Bernstein on tv explaining how and why music is music. I can safely say it changed my life. No, I don’t play an instrument or read or write music. What I was enlightened to by Bernstein was process. The creative process. A few years later, after becoming enamored with movie soundtracks, a good friend suggested that if I loved soundtracks so much I should consider going to the source: classical music. Specifically, Aaron Copland. Life changed again. BoingBoing has been posting a series called Adventures in Music that shouldn’t be missed. The above clip is one of them. Have a good Sunday.

Cantaloupe Island

Crooks and Liars linked to this tonight. Must repost. Pat Metheny is a guitar god.

The music of your childhood

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The movie Funny Bones relied heavily on Raymond Scott’s music to salt the comedy-drama with just the right amount of wacky. Listening to it, you might be surprised to find it spiced up your childhood as well. From classic Warner Bros. cartoons up to Ren, Stimpy, Spongebob, Pee-Wee and beyond. The roots are Scott’s. Fun and funny.

If you don't know John Martyn

Get to know him. “Musician” doesn’t even come close.

Making music

This is probably the most amazing thing I’ve seen all year. And, yeah, that includes Avatar. Hit play.


Vic Mizzy

The recently departed Vic Mizzy composed, among other things, the score to a film that changed my pre-adolescent life. Until then I'd no idea that scary could be funny.

Saw this movie with my dad. I'd never seen him laugh so hard as when Knotts tried to get into that unsteady elevator.