Dave, I Hardly Knew Ye

I'm working with Nell this year on Warehouse 13. I hope I can crack a good fart joke.

  • I was the second female writer ever hired at Late Night. When I applied for the job in 1988, I had no way of knowing how much the odds were stacked against me. In 27 years, Late Night and Late Show have hired only seven female writers. These seven women have spent a total of 17 years on staff combined. By extrapolation, male writers have racked up a collective 378 years writing jokes for Dave (based on an average writing room of 14 men, the size of the current Late Show staff).

Hammer Time

Growing up in Indiana in the early '70s the heady mix of my father's Playboy collection in his sock drawer and Hammer films at the State Theater provided plenty of, well, grist. Watching Chris Lee stalk a voluptuous lady Brit was thrilling and terrifying. Adolescent lust, indeed. Seems I wasn't alone.

Porn in the Afternoon

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