Coming of age during this technology shift was a complete and total non-event. Only now is the predicted impact being felt by corporations and consumers alike.


Human Target

My current gig. Co-exec, consulting, general dogsbody. Promises to be an exciting season. It’s been super darn exciting making it. Super darn. Oh, and the promo is wrong. Season 2 premieres Wednesday, Nov. 17th, 2010. Seems Lonestar’s demise prompted some schedule shifting.

Here's (the exact) Johnny (you're looking for)!

Neat. From the Los Angeles Times:

Carson Entertainment Group, which owns the archive of the late-night host's 30 years on "The Tonight Show," is set to announce Wednesday that it has digitized all 3,300 hours of existing footage from the program and created a searchable online database for producers and researchers.

Here’s Johnny

Apple TV update looming?

Update: ars technica has a nice piece on the subject.

I’ve been using Apple TVs since their introduction. Well, trying to use them, to be precise. At the moment I have three in use wirelessly linked to different Macs. Without warning the links lose themselves and that’s when the voodoo begins. I’ll spend hours resetting, restarting, resynching to get things working again without success. Then, for some sunspotted reason, things will align themselves and behave. In spite of the trouble, I’ve successfully ditched my satellite TV provider. We’re no longer paying for TV unless it’s something we specifically want via the iTunes Store.

Now, it is rumored, that a major update is on the way. An update that might do away with local storage altogether and put all my video, audio and photos on the web. Or something. Whatever it is, it couldn’t be worse than than the current setup. Maybe. Hoping for the best.

CBS loves it some iPad

Mashable’s article about CBS digging the iPad makes for good reading.

Another aspect of the iPad that stands out for CBS is that the user base is already at one million. That’s important for a content company as large as CBS because while there are other interactive TV initiatives — like Roku, Boxee and others — those products haven’t achieved the reach that the iPad has.

I’ve been iPadding for a little over a week (using Macs since 1987) and can assuredly say that this little appliance has become a solid member of my family. The biggest hits so far -- Alice and Wonderland (here) and Marvel’s comic book reader app.

Write that movie

K.I.S.S.: Writing to be grok'd

This is aimed at software and hardware engineers. But the sentiments apply to writing for tv and movies.

Be Stupid.

iPad via Mad TV

NPR snagged the Mad TV writers who introduced the world to the original iPad. Funny.



roundup of the facts.

End of the world

Police Story Teller

Thanks, Mr. Gerber.

I couldn’t have been more than 12 or 13 when I found a copy of Joseph Wambaugh’s novel,
The New Centurions, on my mom’s nightstand. Read it. Then saw the movie with George C. Scott and Stacey Keach. Loved it. More than anything, I was intrigued with Joseph Wambaugh. His cop tales were so much more than what Jack Webb was turning out. Wambaugh’s stuff was sexy and violent and for a kid in the midwest growing tired of “Just the facts, ma’am,” Wambaugh’s cops were the perfect antidote. David Gerber brought it to our living room. Cool.

Action News!!!

Again, from BoingBoing. A seriously slick 1980s news promo for Milwaukee station WITI. Genius!

What was the question?

A brilliant bit of early television for this holiday season.

Poke around here for some truly wonderful stuff.

Dave, I Hardly Knew Ye

I'm working with Nell this year on Warehouse 13. I hope I can crack a good fart joke.

  • I was the second female writer ever hired at Late Night. When I applied for the job in 1988, I had no way of knowing how much the odds were stacked against me. In 27 years, Late Night and Late Show have hired only seven female writers. These seven women have spent a total of 17 years on staff combined. By extrapolation, male writers have racked up a collective 378 years writing jokes for Dave (based on an average writing room of 14 men, the size of the current Late Show staff).

"V" The First 8 Minutes

ABC is shoving the first 8 minutes of "V" out to the world. Kind have seen it all before.

Working for Fox

A few years ago I was employed as a writer working on several Fox Network TV shows. Even then, while the paycheck was nice, I had some qualms about working for an organization whose news division was so... well, idiotic. And dangerous. Now Newsweek's Jacob Weisberg has a few thoughts.

  • That Rupert Murdoch may tilt the news rightward more for commercial than ideological reasons is beside the point. What matters is the way that Fox's model has invaded the bloodstream of the American media. By showing that ideologically distorted news can drive ratings, Ailes has provoked his rivals at CNN and MSNBC to develop a variety of populist and ideological takes on the news. In this way, Fox hasn't just corrupted its own coverage. Its example has made all of cable news unpleasant and unreliable.
My next job offer from Fox, if there is one, will be met with some serious consideration.

  • And weepy Glenn Beck has begun to exhibit a Strangelovean concern about government invading our bloodstream by vaccinating people for swine flu. With this misinformation campaign, Fox stands to become the first network to actively try to kill its viewers.

Update: Jason Linkins on Huff Post. Some galling video, too.

Beyond Our Control

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A Golden Age

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The Archive of American Television

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Here Today. Gone Tomorrow. Back on Tuesday, Maybe.

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If You Won't Listen to Me...

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Placing Product in Your 30 Rock

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Murdoch, Redstone & The Credit Crunch

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Distracted? Let Colin Explain It All For You

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Digital. Not Digitalis.

50 Years Ago Today

Another Sci Fi and More Channel

Picture 1
Remember when TV used to promise to take you places you’d never been and show you wondrous things? The AMC Network is beginning to convince me that it remembers that promise. MAD MEN is part of that. Writer/director Michael Nankin is working on a series set in WWII about downed B-17 fliers trapped behind enemy lines. And the novel Carter Beats the Devil about the trials and adventures of an early 20th Century magician is slated for production. As the networks keep regurgitating the same old same old it’s heartening and inspiring to see AMC (and A&E) reaching up to embrace ambitious stories that can elevate and entertain.

My Guilty Ghostly Pleasure

My wife laughs at me for loving this. Ghost Hunters on the Sci Fi Channel. I have absolute, unabashed deep affection for two New England plumbers and their little band of cohorts who travel around the country searching for creepy stuff. Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes are the show’s two leads. They’re accessible, disarming and determined to debunk what they can. But mostly they’re a hoot. With SUVs loaded to the fenders with high-tech gear (and stalked by a run and gun video and sound crew) they roll into some town or city and crash for the night at the local spook spot. Bars, hotels, factories, or families’ homes are their playground. Sometimes they get nothing on tape. Sometimes they get... something. I’m not saying I believe in supernatural jump-up (at least not while my pragmatic psychotherapist wife is watching). But I do believe Grant and Jason have a blast chasing it down. Me too, watching them do it.

Check out the clip below to see some of their “findings.”

Fender Benders

Over at The Zicree Simkins Podcast Marc Zicree and I had a great conversation with TV writer/producer Lee Goldberg. Lee tells a great tale of going to Germany to help the TV industry over there get a grip on how to get and keep a growing audience. To get a glimpse of one of Germany’s more intriguing efforts check out the clip below. Ladies and Gents, ALARM FOR COBRA 11.

Hey, I (Re)Wrote a Pilot!

Actually, Brent Mote wrote the pilot. Jane Espenson then tackled the material followed by Rockne O’Bannon. I batted writerly clean-up and produced the pilot with Jace Alexander directing. And now... Hey, We’ve Got a Series!

Read the Variety article here.

Just. Watch.

The Wire - Season 5

“When you walk through the garden you got to watch your back.”

If you’re a fan, you know. The Wire is the best show now not on television (unless it’s on your DVD player and right this moment it’s on mine). If you haven’t seen it – or maybe you tried it and gave up – there will come a time when you will become immersed. And you’ll become a zealot. You will gift seasons of The Wire to your family, your friends and to your mailman.