Back in the Warehouse

For the last few days I’ve been slogging away at my first script for the second season of Warehouse 13. The first outline submitted to the network was justifiably returned stamped “Bullshit.” It was a clunky tale of weather gone mad. I’d been saddled with the truth of Toronto’s weather in March (snowy -- when the episode is slated to be shot). Knowing that, writing an episode about, well, snow, seemed... production friendly. And that’s about it. Thankfully, network heads prevailed and booted the yarn into the dumpster. A forced rethink resulted in a story I’m excited about. It’s got hardware, a mad genius (whom you’ve already met, sort of), and my love of tv and old movies amply represented. Enough said. Wait. One more thing. As an homage to a unique individual and a fortunate time in my life, the episode is called “Beyond Our Control.”

And, just because I’m procrastinating (and yet feeling like I’ve earned it) I’m employing
The Pomodoro Technique. 25 minutes on. 5 minutes off. Getting things done. Page by page. You should look into it.

Back to work. I’ve got Pete and Myka in a jam and I’m eager to see how they’re getting out of it.