The Trap of Solid Gold

Steve Scott's even-handed appreciation of the works of (oft-times) crime novelist John D. MacDonald is a complete pleasure. If you like your plots hard-boiled and your protagonists flawed, then dive in here. MacDonald's books are brilliant examples of lean, mean writing; each one is a fiction writer's master class in getting in, out and away with it.

Daring Fireball

Tech analyst and professed Apple, Inc. fanboy John Gruber weighs in daily, sometimes hourly on the world of hardware and software. If something’s going on or coming down the pike that you should know about John will let you in on it. Also, be sure to check out John Gruber and Dan Benjamin’s podcast.


From the "About:" Liz Danzico is part designer, part educator, and part editor. As an independent information architecture and user experience consultant, she traces the roots of her craft back to her parents. According to Liz, “Growing up at least a little information architect in Northeastern Pennsylvania gave me an organizational advantage over my friends.”

Beware the Blog

(From Michael Reeves’ “About”) I'm a full-time freelance fiction writer, and have been for almost 35 years. I've written a lot of TV (over 400 scripts; animation, mostly). These days it's books and movies, with a few comics now and then. And I have Parkinson's Disease.

Master of My Public Domain

A Nostalgic Guide to Public Domain Movies, TV shows, and Old Time Radio shows available for free download off the Internet.

What It’s Like

(From Lisa Klink’s “About”) I’m a writer, working mostly in television, mostly in sci-fi and action.  I started in the world of “Star Trek” and have written for “Hercules,” “Martial Law” and “Roswell,” among others.  Most recently, I wrote freelance episodes for the Sci Fi Channel shows “Painkiller Jane” and “Flash Gordon.”


(From John’s “About”) This site is run by screenwriter John August. Mostly he answers reader-submitted questions about the craft, but occasionally he goes on tangents that run far afield of writing and filmmaking. You’ll also find info on past, present and future projects.

The Artful Writer

(From Craig’s “About”) The Artful Writer is published by Craig Mazin and Ted Elliot and features information, theory and debate for the professional screenwriter. No, they are not the “artful writers.” Artful is an ideal we aspire to.

43 Folders

(From Merlin Mann’s “About”) 43 Folders was launched by Merlin Mann on Wednesday, September 1, 2004 with an introductory post whose improbable title suggested that productivity can be like sausage; no one likes seeing it discussed at length on the internet by middle-aged men. The site continues to evolve, grow, contract, expand, recede, explode, go dark, go weird, go personal, and even occasionally reinvent itself...all depending on where Merlin’s interest, attention, and obsessions find him at a given time.

A Writer’s Life

(From TypePad’s Featured Blog “About”) If you've ever wondered about the glamorous lifestyle of a successful novelist and Hollywood scriptwriter, wonder no more. Just visit A Writer's Life, where author Lee Goldberg offers a live-wire account of both his trials and his triumphs. With dozens of books and television scripts to his credit, Goldberg is definitely the "been-there, done-that" kind of role model. When you hear his thoughts about screenwriting, you can rest assured that he knows of what he speaks. (He's been penning TV shows since Spenser for Hire.) And when you hear his outtakes from a screen-writing workshop he gave, you'll be rolling on the floor with laughter. If you take nothing else away from Goldberg's generous slices of life, that may be the key -- having a good sense of humor. Currently, you'll be treated to behind-the-scenes narratives from the making of a action-packed TV pilot called "Fast Track."