Warehouse 13

Syfy. Warehouse 13. Was invited to rewrite the pilot. Exec produced the 2009 season one with Jack Kenny. I’m back for the 2010 season two. Find season one episodes here. Also available from iTunes.

The Dresden Files

The Sci Fi Channel. The Dresden Files is based on novels by Jim Butcher. The pilot was produced by Hans Beimler and Robert Wolfe. I executive produced the first season in 2007. Sci Fi, against their better judgment, canceled the show before season two. Find episodes here.

Blade: The Series

For Spike TV in 2006. Blade: The Series was their first drama brought to them courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and David Goyer. I produced (most of) season one shaping stories and crafting scripts. Creative differences with the folks upstairs (someone was being creative, other folks were just being different) led to my exit prior to the last few episodes. I did have a blast on this, though. Great writing staff and good intentions all around. Catch it online here. Also available from iTunes.


TNT runs the episodes repeatedly on cable. A few episodes are available online (legitimately) here.


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So far only season 1 is available from iTunes. Poke around the web and you might find other sites linking to the rest of the series, subtitles included.

Beyond Our Control

While in high school in South Bend, Indiana I was fortunate to be part of a locally produced comedy sketch show called Beyond Our Control. Find it here and on YouTube.